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not operate, generally divided into multi-level password authorization system; work schedule: the camera can be of a certain period of time to work time programming, which is the digital host unique features, it can put holidays, rest All pre-routed schedule changes program, you can in a certain sense unattended. Product comparison compared VCR, DVR outstanding advantages embodied in the following aspects: to achieve a simulation program fidelity digital storage: can be widely disseminated and personal collection of analog audio and video programs with advanced digital recording and storage methods once recording, playback repeatedly does not make any quality decline; comprehensive input and output interface: Provides Antenna / TV cable,cheap oakleys, AV terminal, S-Video input interface and AV terminals, S-Video output interface. Can record almost all TV programs and other players,oakley sunglasses, camcorders output signals easily with other audio-visual equipment. A variety of optional image recording level: for the same program source,cheap ray ban, providing a high, medium and low three image quality recording level; Recording frame rate adjustable: video frame rate per second from 0 / sec to 25 frames / second adjustable; Large-capacity long program storage, scalability: the user can choose 250GB, 500GB, 750GB or 1000GB large-capacity hard disk for recording; perfect preset recording: the user can freely set to start recording video start time, duration and other options. Through the camera's editing combinations that can be any combination of systematically recording camera video signal, to facilitate flexible; powerful networking features: users through the network communication interface, using the DVR itself, built-in Web server, via LAN or the Internet can remotely view and control the recorder; provide arbitrary playback mode: As fast hard drive, random access memory characteristics, recorded video and the video is being recorded, you can use a variety of ways DVR or network playback; PC type DVR DVR software shortcomings of poor stability with
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