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cycle,cheap oakleys, with the end of this cycle continue statement, and goto statements constituted with if the cycle is to break and continue statements can not be controlled. sequential structure, branching and looping constructs are not isolated from each other, there can be a branch in the loop , sequential structure, there may also be branched cyclic, sequential structure, in fact, no matter what kind of structure, they can be regarded as a generalized statement in the actual programming process these three structures often combined with each other to achieve a variety of algorithms, design the corresponding procedures, but to the larger problem of programming,oakley sunglasses, the preparation of the program is often very long, of structural repeat more, resulting in poor readability,www.typeas.net, it is difficult to understand, to solve this problem is the C programming a modular structure. pre-compiled and pre-compiled conditional compilation # define macro # if expression # else if expression # else # endif # ifdef conditional compilation macro # else # endif # ifndef conditional compilation macro # else # endif conditional compilation modular program structure C language The modular structure of the program with the function to achieve the upcoming complex C program is divided into several modules, each module is written as a C function, and then through the main function calls the function and function call function to implement a large-scale problem of C programming, So often say: C + Functions program = main function, so the definition of the function is called, the value of returns, etc. Pay special attention to the understanding and application, and debugging through the machine to be consolidated. judgment statement (selection structure ) loop (loop structure) jump statement (loop structure: whether the cycle) if statement: "if" statement, while statement: "When ..." statement goto statement: "steering" statement if-else statement: "If ... (the ) ... Otherwise ... "statement do-while statement:"
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